Many solution comes as Cloud services and can be used by any company or individual . Companies go with Cloud solution based on too many factors , here will try to list few of the factors :

Its always easy to opt such solutions based on our requirement, its important to understand that Cloude Solution are built on technology which can be consumed on nay platform and by any device most of the time. You can always try multiple options and go with the best as per your need. Company policies needs to be modified to work with such solutions.

Cloud is used as it is “available every where”, Cloud solutions are easialy available which can be configured rapidly and used. 

Being a cloud solution its cost effective as you only pay for what you use. It reduces the implementation cost ( capital cost on hardware/software etc.), management cost, employee cost to manage the services and many more.

This is one of the biggest CONS of the Cloud solution, as you never own the application and you cann’t control it as per your need. In all the situations you’ll have to depend on the solution provider. Even though its very unlikely that you want to change the solutions, but to stay in competetion every day innovation is required Cloud Solutions may not give you the same advantage after some time leading in the market.

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