1. Any person with relevant qualification, specialization, experience in any particular field of study can apply.
  2. Any person who is legally allowed to enter into contract as per law.
  3. Professionals, scholars, professors, researchers, student with keen interest in knowledge sharing.
  4. WhatsQ ambassador program is non commercial in nature and no compensation or remuneration shall be paid to ambassador for his/her services, and all engagement are purely to get free engagement by promoting knowledge sharing.
  1. Ambassador must
    1. Register Here,
    2. and also submit Request for Interest in the program from here.
    3. must be approved by whatsQ screening committee
  2. Ambassador applicant should share other relevant details on academic and professional achievement as asked by whatsQ screening committee by mailing the details on To:[email protected].

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  1. Application will be reviewed by screening committee
  2. Once application is approved person will be notified by email about his/her appointment as whatsQ ambassador for specified period.
  1. A whatsQ ambassador is a flag bearer of whatsQ vision and mission and he should adhere highest level of conduct in his public and private life.
  2. WhatsQ ambassador must promote whatsQ content and services as an active member and should encourage others to contribute to knowledge sharing.
  3. whatsQ ambassador must not be involved in any unlawful and anti social activity.
  4. whatsQ ambassador can not make any commercial or other contract on behalf of whatsQ.com
  5. whatsq ambassador must follow all guidance issued by portal from time to time.
  6. WhatsQ ambassador will be held personally liable for sharing any copyright or protected materials on portal.
  7. Portal will immediately terminate the ambassador service if any copyright violation is reported or noticed by administrator.
  1. Ambassador will create at least one original quality article per week.
  2. Topic for article by ambassador must be pre-selected.
  3. Ambassador can suggest the list of topic on which he wish to create article.
  4. Ambassador can ask for suggestion for new article by specifying area of interest from whatsQ portal.
  5. Ambassador must try to answer questions posted in forums based on his/her area of expertise.
  6. Ambassador should also participate actively to get other users view on opinion based topic.
  7. Ambassdor should attempt to send atleast 5 opinions for publishing in a week.
  8. Ambassador will make sure that content created by ambassador or through user opinion must be original content.
  9. Ambassador collecting users opinion which can not directly published by user itself, in such case ambassador will have onus  of content and consent of original user
  10. Ambassador will encourage users to subscribe and create profile on whatsQ.
  11. Ambassador will work to create awareness about whatsQ content.
  12. Ambassador will share  his article on atleast one personal social media platform.
  1. WhatsQ ambassador program can be between 4 to 8 week.
  2. Minimum period of engagement for recognition certificate of ambassador program is 4 week.
  3. After completion of successful program ambassador user profile will be converted to regular user profile if not requested otherwise.