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How Amazon can reduce the discrimination in the rating

There are many type of discrimination occurs in the recommendation system, sometime its content and sometime it's products or service which tends to create Bias in our buying pattern. YouTube would only recommend you top rated or most view content irrespective  of its relevance. I would suggest to follow Black and White rule, treat every purchase as 5 start  rating unless it is revised by Buyer. This way we would be able to  five consistent rating average including all the purchases made on the product .

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Future Jobs at Risk

I feel, technological advancement would help everyone, and we should be more ready to face it and to be scared of it. Truth is machines are made by human and they can win human but can't be human. Industry Soon Might be impacted Uber.

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Machine Learning

Attacks on Recommender System

There are different types of attacks that are being targeted on Recommender systems. Such as : Some users inject fake user profiles consisting of biased ratings to affect the recommendation ranking and manipulate the user’s decision. Attacks on recommender system behavior is known as a “shilling” attack or “profile injection” Read more…

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Machine Learning

What is Proxy Measure ( in Health)

What are proxy measures? A proxy is an indirect measure of the desired outcome which is itself strongly correlated to that outcome. It is commonly used when direct measures of the outcome are unobservable and/or unavailable. Also reading from We can say that Proxy major is mostly used on Read more…

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Machine Learning

Fraud Detection Through Machine Learning

Nowadays most of the e-Commerce firm work with the third party which validates the transaction and approves on the fly in a fraction of seconds. Such providers use machine learning to offer the service, not only that some of such firms (not talking about they also offer to pay back to the company if any fraud occurs.

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