GST Registration FAQ:

As GST rolled out on 1st July, 2017, and we all started to question if we need a GST registration, we are putting this  FAQ to help you identify if you need GST Registration.

When GST Registration is Compulsory ?

A. If taxable turnover exceed 20 lakhs,in special states if exceed Rs.10 Laks.
B. If person is having registration under old regime
C. If person is making taxable interstate supply
D. If person is in business of electronic commerce operator
E. If person want to be input service distributor
F. If person is non resident making taxable supply. .

What is Turnover criteria ?

A. If turonver of person in a financial year in state or union territory exceed Rs.20 lakhs for special state if turonver exceeds Rs.10 lakhs

What person with old registration should be doing?

A. person with old registration will be automatically migrated to new system and provisional registration number will be issued and further registration is mandatory for such person

When you deal with Inter-state taxable supply do we need to register?

A. When person make taxable interstate supply it is mandatory to get registered under GST irrespective of turnover

I am Casual taxable person, do I need to register for GST?

A. Casual taxable person need to take temporary registration for special taxable transaction and need pay tax accordingly. This registration is for limited period or upto completion of transaction.

I am non Resident taxable person, do I need to register for GST?

Non resident making taxable supply need to get compulsory registered irrespective of its turnover criteria u/s 22

I am an agent do I need GST registration?

A. If person is making supply under Principal and agent basis then he need to get himself registered and prov of sec.22 will not apply.

I am service distributor, do I need GST registration ?

Yes it is mandatory to get seprate registration for input service distributor.

I am e-commerce operator, do I need GST registration?

A. GST registration is mandatory for E commerce operator without provision of S.22

I am online service provider, do I need GST registration?

A. yes if service is provided of online data access or retrieval service to person in India who is not registered

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