There are so many types of ads and so many places ads can be placed. Here we will see how to setup Google AMP ads, Google Auto Ads for all your web pages ie. AMP and Non AMP Pages. Auto ads Google, is  Ads that runs without any placement logic defined from the publisher:

1. How to Enable AMP Auto Ads for AMP Pages in google AdSense

2. How to show ads on AMP pages?

3. Auto Ads for your website or Non-AMP Pages

1. How to Enable AMP Auto Ads for AMP Pages in google AdSense

AMP Auto Ads can be enabled from your google AdSense account, follow the below steps:

a. Login in your account

b. Navigate to Menu Opportunities >

c. Click on Labs submenu

d. Enable “AMP Auto ads – Text & display” from the right side of the page displayed.

f. If you using the plugin then you can just enable the option in the Plugin, and plugin will take care of rest of the parts, you only needs to enter your Client-Id like ca-pub-1213733709341832 . {Must change your this from plugin to your Client ID. If you are using Plugins}

g. If you are not using plugin click on get code button, and you will get popup like :

Copy and paste the AMP code in 2 places. Place the following AMP code snippets inside 2 different HTML sections of your AMP pages:

  1. First, place this code in between the <head> and </head> tags:
    <script async custom-element=”amp-auto-ads” src=””></script>

  2. Then place this code right after after the <body> tag:
    <amp-auto-ads type=”adsense” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-1213733709341832″></amp-auto-ads>

Check out our WordPress Plugin for Auto Ads

AMP non-AMP Auto Ads Plugin supports following options

1. AMP Auto Ads for AMP Pages

2. AMP Ads for POST Content

3. Auto Ads for Non-AMP Pages

* For Demo current website , for AMP try the website article in your mobile device.

2. How to show ads on AMP pages?

To show ads on your AMP pages, you don’t have do much homework. Follow the steps:

a. login to your AdSense account

b. Navigate to Ad Units you have already created.

c. Select the ad unit you want to put on your AMP page:

e. Click on Get Code and then You can construct your ad code as shown below :

<amp-ad width=”100vw” height=320






<div overflow></div>


Google strongly recommend that you don’t modify any other parts of the above ad code as this may cause your ad code to stop working.

Show Ads on your AMP pages, post content. To setup this you need ad data-ad-slot from your exiting ad unit in AdSense. Followed guide from [google]. Plugin takes care of all the necessary codes.

3. Auto Ads for your website or Non-AMP Pages

To enable Auto Ads for your website follow below steps:

  1. Login to your AdSense account

  2. Go to My ads-> Content->Auto Ads menu options

  1. Enable the Auto Ads for your account and save the setting :

  1. You should see following screen , click on Setup Auto Ads now to get the codes for your Auto Ads

  1. This setting enables auto ads on your website, for all non-AMP pages. You need to turn on this setting in your AdSense account for this to work on your website. It takes 10-30 minutes before google starts pushing ads through this ad type.

Plugin will take care of all the necessary codes once you enable the setting in your AdSense account.“>Google page for ref.

  1. If you are using WordPress Plugin then you don’t have worry about any code, but if you decide to do it yourself :
    Copy and paste this code in between the <head> tags of your site. It’s the same code for all your pages. You don’t need to change it even if you change your global settings. See Google’s code implementation guide for more details.

<script async src=”//”></script>


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({

google_ad_client: “ca-pub-1213733709341832”,

enable_page_level_ads: true



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