Money invested wisely gives you a long term grown and security. Scope of investment is depend upon the availability of fund,time frame , risk tolerance and expectations. Accordingly before any investment fruitful thought should be given to investment needs.

Ø Don’t just leave your money in saving bank accounts. They don’t fetch you good returns. When you get money in lump sum invest in fixed deposits and when you wish to save regularly, open recurring deposit accounts.

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RBI update Bank KYC document for Individual, NON resident and person not require to hold AADHAR

Master Direction DBR.AML.BC.No.81/14.01.001/2015-16 RBI/DBR/2015-16/18 Original issue date: February 25, 2016, Updated as on April 20, 2018 RBI has issued direction on 20th April 2018 for updated KYC norms for Individual,Non resident,person with AADHAR. Following are the highlights of Direction issued. Download : Know Your Customer (KYC) Direction, 2016 For an Read more…

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