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Many SMEs can’t afford to invest on big ERPs and we are looking to fill that gap with Expert Process Team and scalable solution.


Why we need SME One Solution?

About Project

Every one wants to make use of I.T. for their firm, even small and mid size organizations are looking to expand their I.T. investment.

We are trying to answer few of the major Industry question with our new Project.

We would like to bring a solution which is available to each and every business owner if they want to . Cost of the package should not be the factor to own a solution.

We have done our homework and have good team of Solution Architects along with experts on each process that we would cover in our solution.

Want to know more on our project and Progress, please keep visiting www.whatsq.com for Major milestone. (Will be updated once project start).

Risks and challenges

Solution which meets all in one need with major process manageable at one place at one window.

Database which can sustain high volume of data and deliver the performance.

Easy to add new options as per business need.

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Why are you creating, when we already have many options?
We would like to focus on latest technology and team who can supprt the org. who work with our product. We don’t want to leave users in dark with support. And Many products in market are not meeting today’s business need which can make difference.

What is team you have ?
We will update you once we start our work.

What will I get in return ?
Give us time to realize what best can help you. Will surely look for something once which can help you. You suggestions are most welcome.

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