I read the whole article from http://fortune.com/2014/06/02/fortune-500-future/ , What I like the most about this article how it has shown that Watson (AI enabled ) can compete with us in Quiz, finding facts and also outshine Humans. It was exciting to read how Job demand for certain skilled people started increasing in the early 80s and its impact on overall production.

Scroll to the last to see the answer, if you are in hurry

I somehow felt the writer didn’t have any direction on what to do so that we can be more Future Ready, instead of talking about impacts we have seen of technology on humans.  I was expecting to read about Telecommunication, Driverless car, supersonic flights which would improve our life as Human.

I feel, technological advancement would help everyone, and we should be more ready to face it and to be scared of it. Truth is machines are made by human and they can win human but can’t be human.

More reading from https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephenrice1/2019/01/07/would-you-fly-on-a-plane-without-a-human-pilot/#6655d3072518 ,

Commercial aviation faces a severe global pilot shortage, yet many passengers remain mostly unaware of the crisis. With ticket prices reasonably affordable for most middle- and even lower-income Americans, demand for air travel continues to increase dramatically. The Federal Aviation Administration reported around 609,000 active certified pilots in 2017 in the United States, down from 827,000 in 1980. Aviation companies around the world keep warning of an imminent pilot shortage, given the projected need for at least 600,000 new pilots over the next 20 years.

While writing about this topic, my first thought  went to Boeing 737 Max 8, the concern I have :

Change: Update in Software to compete with  Market 
Boing did new change to the system and never informed about it ,
or informed very few pilots about it.

      • Airlines saw the cost to training and avoided it.

Or very Few people got training.

      • Some airline were not made aware of it.
Concerns :

      • How can be removed Cost while serving with AI?
      • How we will evaluate the changes
      • What is more concerning here Machine killed lives, and Humans tried to save but failed.
      • In simple terms, machines are using logic, but Logics depends on a condition.
      • Given the shortage of Pilots, no doubt Airline would be more willing to go with Auto Pilot, but what about the techniques or command which Human can offer to a machine to make some decision.
      •  Change Mgmt in Machine World
Industry Soon Might be impacted :
  • Self-Driving  Uber /Lyft
  • Food Delivery
  • Lawyers Advise, the machine may not represent us in Court
  • The food in Home Cooking
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