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PINQ: Inquiry Management solution

WHY WE NEED A GOOD INQUIRY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION? Monitor Inquiries and track them in inbox/online and find them in future when needed , Customers geographic, which region is giving more business what product and how much we really converted those inquires to sales, Knowing your repeat customers, serve them better. Try Piclaunch PINQ Today, Free.

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AMP Pages Auto Ads
Information Technology Programming

How to setup Google Auto Ads for AMP Pages and Non AMP Pages

There are so many types of ads and so many places ads can be placed. Here we will see how to setup Google AMP ads, Google Auto Ads for all your web pages. These Ads runs without any placement logic:

1. How to Enable AMP Auto Ads for AMP Pages in google AdSense
2. How to show ads on AMP pages?
3. Auto Ads for your website or Non-AMP Pages

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